Training in mobile phone repair

Thanks to our e-learning training in mobile phone repair, business management and sales, become your own boss in only 3 months!

Benefit from 100 000 € to open your own franchised store, Mobile Moove.

Do you want to start a business? Get started with our mobile phone repair training!

Do you want to start a business? Get started with our mobile phone repair training!

Train at your own pace

Become your own boss in just 3 months with Mobile School!

Thanks to our e-learning course, train yourself from home to become a mobile phone repairer and learn how to manage a point of sale from A to Z.

At the end of your training, benefit from a 100 000 € financing to open your own franchised shop, Mobile Moove.

In addition to benefiting from a personalised follow-up, you will not be asked to pay any entry fee or share of your turnover.

So what are you waiting for?
Join us now and make your plans for the future come true.

Course of training

The e-learning training consists of 3 modules and 280 video chapters produced by qualified engineers and technicians. Naturally, a kit will be sent to you so that you can fully practice. Before you receive your certification, your knowledge will be tested by videoconference.

No fees to pay during your training!

Price of the training: 2400€, to be paid in 2 monthly installments

  • Month of opening of your store: 1200€.
  • Month 2 : 1200€.

Price of the service to help you launch your point of sale and get your financing: 2400€, to be paid in 2 monthly instalments

  • Month 3 : 1200€
  • Month 4 : 1200€

In brief

  • Technical course: 5 weeks
  • Sales training: 2 weeks
  • Management course: 2 weeks
  • Videoconference evaluations

3 training modules
280 video chapters!

  • Diagnosis and repair: telephones and tablets
  • The management of a Mobile Moove point of sale
  • Sales techniques

How does it work?

Discover the 4 steps of our training course

Mobile phone repair job - e-learning training
A word from the Founder - Talibé SOKHNA

The founder's message

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What are you waiting for?

Get started, get trained and get €100,000 funding to open your own mobile phone shop.